I'm looking for a new guitar. I am a big metal fan. (A7X, lamb of god, ect.) i've heard a lot of good things about schecter, even from the guys down at guitar center. But i dont want to spend too much money, $300 - $400 is good. Which one should I get?
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if you can get the C1+ for that price then go for that.
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Schecters are really nice, especially for the prices they want.

You are probably better off saving up a bit more for a Hellraiser, or C1-classic but if you really don't have the patience the omen and gryphon are pretty nice.
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well, a c-1 artist is 450 and its sick, otherwise get a damien 6, it 300 regular or 350 w/ a FR
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hell ya. get a gryphon or a used c1+... if u save uo longer go for the classic. they wont dissapoint especially if youre playing metal.
save save save....get up into the 550-650 range...u wont regret it...u have the exotic star, hellraiser, and alot of other options from them....but yes...buy a schecter..and def buy a set neck....but if u have to stay in the $400 range...check out either ebay or the used section of guitarcenter.com...theres a guy on ebay who sells factory blemished schecters....usually u get a really good deal on a never played guitar...that might have a finish flaw...but doesnt affect the sound...
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actually go on www.musicansfriend.com (dont buy just look) and look up shcecter and its a c-1 artist series or something like that and its like 300 bucks and it comes with seymours which is unbeliveable