I just bought a Taylor 'Big Baby' acoustic guitar. Beautiful guitar, rich tone, i love the thing, but when I use my capo (It's a kyser) I noticed that it literally left marks on the back of my guitar neck and it has small dent where the capo had been as well.

Is it possible to fix this problem?
try putting something soft like a cloth underneath it
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Sounds like you need to find a capo that can spread the backside clamping pressure over a greater area. Your Kyser does have the protective rubber sleeve over the small arm still right? You might also want to look into a G7th capo. Those have adjustable clamping pressure. I'd also check back with your dealer and see what they recommend for your specific guitar.
What kind of marking? like scratches or marks that come off (besides your dent)... I've never had problems with my kyser so this has got me curious!!
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