My band, The Rift FL, has some demos up that I was hoping you could listen to. This is just stuff my guitar teacher and I recorded in his little studio, and he provided some solos. We don't have any vocals yet, but as soon as our singers get better we'll have them up. Please tell me what you think about them, any tips, etc..

cool man one thing i would say is the verse needs alittle more color in it or somethin, yeah know? the break down is really good and the solo, just my opinion
Thanks for listening, first off, I really appreciate it! Knowing You is more of an idea than a finished product, so it's definitely not going to be like that in the end of things. But check out my band's profile (you can see it here http://artists.ultimate-guitar.com/theriftfl/) and looking at a song called Notions on Nothing. It's coming on Myspace, but to see it right now you can just use UG.
I might as well put this up:

Knowing You - not finished - has a solo - Heavy Rock.
Never Say Never - finished - has a solo - Light Rock.
Verification of the Obvious - not finished - no solo - Medium Rock.
Notions on Nothing - finished - solo (me) - Medium Rock.
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