For anyone interested, I have just posted a full song tab for better than, keep an eye out for it over the next few days.

Its in normal standard tuning, no capo, quite simple yet I believe it sounds about as close as you could get. I even think the key is correct.

This tab allows you to also insert a regular bass note (1 per bar, you could insert 2 per bar if you are good), the catch being you might have to re-train your fret fingers for the g formation picking. Your pinky has to sit on high g for much of the song.

I've included the lead break, I think its right, apart from a double note jbt play that I couldn't replicate, but the notes are all there.

Overall I think its a pretty good transposition to guitar, let me know what you think of it if you like.

An update,
the tab I did is up, however I have done a revision of the solo bit and found the double note to hammer it was lacking. also I think that having a first fret capo to play it may put it in just the right key.