What is you're favorite Xbox game (original Xbox) I just got my old xbox working again and am going to buy but 1 game for it.

P.S. Don't say Halo, beaten it already
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KOTOR and Halo ONE (better than 2 imo)

I agree about Halo. Didn't like any of the multiplayer levels on Halo 2. I'll check out KOTOR, thanks.
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+1 for Knights of the Old Republic
any of the Splinter Cells
Unreal Championship 2
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Knights of the Old Republic
Halo 1
Splinter Cell
Need For Speed (can't remember what one)

EDIT: Forgot about Fable

Those and sports games (Madden, NHL) were the only games I really played on my xbox. I had a bunch of others, but I can't recall any of them = /
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- splinter cell series, except for the new one, it sucks hard.
- max payne series, love those games
- forza
- fable
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- Orange Tiny Terror
- 2x12 w/greenbacks
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- MXR Phase 90
- EB Volume JR.
- Boss DD-3
Call of Cthulhu. In some cases the game is crap but I enjoyed it most of the time.
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Thanks for the replies everyone. I have already pwnt the game Fable, as well as alot of the others named. I think I'll go with Splinter Cell.
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Ninja Gaiden is ****ing amazing. Also, Jade empire is great.
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KOTOR is the pwn, and no one i knew liked it i thought it was ficking amazing, also if you like that kinda game check out jade garden its by the same developer and was basically KOTOR in the style of martial arts and ****