i have a very important audition on wednesday with a very good hard rock band. last night (friday) my korg ax3000g died on me.

ive been looking at cheap but cheerful multi effects that will tide me over for wednesday until i can get my ax running again. the first thing ill say is that i dont have alot of money because ive just started at uni.

the three ive focused on is the korg ax10g, zoom g2, and yamaha magic stomp (on hearing one of my old teachers use one). i need a decent hard rock rhythm tone, nice clean, and smooth liquid lead tone for the songs id be needing to play.

anyone got any opinions or suggestions for anything i should be looking at as an alternative?

thanks in advance
Behringer V-Amp II. Ive played it thru headphones, and the distortions are good, and the FX have lots of parameters and options. its only $100 for the unit.
I'm not too familiar with amps with built in effects, other then the practice amps. A lot of people go for the Line 6 Spiders, but if I were you, short of maybe the Spider 3, I'd stay away from them. They suck at loud volumes.
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im not looking for a new amp, in fact i have a rather lovely laney vc50. but i cannot lug this around all the time (too heavy!), so i need a decent multi effects so i can kind of have a replica of my sound on the move.

anyone else that can help?
If it's just an audition, lug your VC50 there. Why have a replication when you already have the real thing. If making this band is as important to you as it sounds, and they are as good as you say, then it's worth bringing the amp.
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You dont even need the pedal. They'll know if they your good enough regardless of your tone or effects.
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