there by far my favorite basses, i was looking at the site and i didnt see any canadian dealerships, so how can i get a rick here... preferebly not off the internet

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Best thing to do is just go in and ask about ordering one in or just going and having a look incase any come in second hand etc.
Either internet, or u could send some1 the money and have him buy it and ship it 2 you. u could get a ric from a border town and take it over the border.
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dude just use the phonebook, my uncle rick lives in ontario


Have you tried using the internet to simply locate dealerships? Or maybe you could put an ad in the paper or something. I don't actually know how Canada functions.
dude, one of my local guitar shops has a rick for sale, you should visit it, burlingtons like an hour drive from toronto.
If you check Rickenbacker's site, they list where they have shipped specific models recently. http://www.rickenbacker.com.

My local dealer in SJ will actually call interested parties when a certain model is in; see if yours will do the same.
I've seen quite a few Ricks in music stores around Vancouver here. You just have to look... also check Craigslist - I've seen a fairly new JetGlo 4003 go for $1100
ya tom lee always has a few 4001's
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eBay lol!

Or you could try the waiting lists.
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I don't actually know how Canada functions.

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Back on topic, contact Rickenbacker direct about Canadian dealers.