Sounds good man. There were some speed changes throughout the song that probably shouldn't have been there. The fuzz sounded good once the song got going, but for the first bit of the song it was just muddy, and confusing. (good work of the quick bit of solo too)

What recording device do you use? All I have is a cheap mic and audacity.
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thanks for the comments

The first bit of the song could be better, but since the cover is so drastically different from the original I wanted to try to include part of the original at the beginning, almost to sort of trick the listener. Admittedly I didn't do a great job, I'll try to improve that.

I recorded all the guitars plugging a mexican strat directly into a toneport UX1, vocals (and egg shaker ) were done plugging a shure sm57 into the UX1
Hi! Crit4crit?

Very nice cover! I didnt really like the acoustic intro part before the overdriven guitar starts, especially the muted percussive effect is kind of annoying but the overdriven riff is delicious and you have a fantastic voice to accompany it! And also, fantastic job turning this beatles song into something really different

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its very good, but i was expecting the chorus to jump out of the intro like the studio version but it was sortof a let off when it went straight to the bluesy riff, which is good dont get me wrong but it needs climax, then again its your song, and if i were u i wouldn't hesitate to play it loud and live... gj sicko
Cool, it's definitely a huge deviation from the original, nothing wrong with that. The fuzzy riff works really well, though I agree with previous comments about the start throwing things off a bit. The vocals fit well, I like what you've done with them to make things different from the original. Nice solos too, by the way, that whole fuzzed-up blues sound and your approach work really well. Good job.
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thanks guys!

I like the idea behind the intro I have, I guess I just need a piano and a snare drum if I want to get it right.
Really cool. I really appreciated the way you'd reworked it and thought your tone was cool. My only problem with it really was as others have said about the intro, but if you blended it in a bit better or had other instruments playing i don't think it would be a problem at all. In fact it'd be awesome.
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I didn't like it. The vocals were poor and the guitars sounded bad at first.
voice sounds like lenny kravitz...
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