this is somthing that i just woke up and wrote so it can use some help. crit4crit.

Love cries out to paralyzed minds
trying to wake the dead, revive the life
sang a song about a boy and a knife
who cut out his heart to share the light

tears are running dry to drought struck eyes
still you wont listen, deaf to my mind
my mind is screaming with all its might
and my heart is sore and dying inside

you cut my flesh just to let it bleed
held my heart and felt the beat
cracked the code to my every dream
and set my every thought free

with you I could see my self
dancing on a floor with nothing but love
moving to the beat of our hearts
to unify, never allow to part

and with you I could see myself
on a hill with nobody else
just you and just me
living with nothing but eternity

shooting for the stars with nothing but dreams
stopped half way after striking reality
and with eyes of perfection know can see
that in this life, we could never be.
no offence dude, but it kinda sounds emo-ish (but i kinda like it...)
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