I'm making a customized guitar and just got the neck for it (ebay) good-quality neck, but the nut is all chewed up. The seller included a new nut, but i'm not quite sure on how to properly take off the old one and replace it with the new.

help please??
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nuts are glued on i think. so in the same way u can take out acoustic saddles, i guess try to get the glue off some and pry it or pull it out if u can. I read u can take a blow dryer to acoustic saddles and melt the glue, so try it.
I accidentaly chipped the nut on my Ibanez. It wouldn't hold the low E anymore so I needed to replace it. The nut I bought was the right hight and width, but it wasn't quite the right size to fit between the fretboard and the trus rod cover so I just sanded it down. What I did with the old nut was just knock it off with a chizzle, that was it...I didn't even bother to glue the new nut on, it stays on perfectly with the strings pressing down on it.
Something chewed your nut up? Wow, I'm surprised that you can take it in such a stride. You, my friend, are a hero amongst men!

I would suggest taking Ippon's advice, he knows his stuff.
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