Hello everyone...now about the thread title. My guitar, an Ibanez Iceman, seems to have a very, very sharp tone to it no matter what amp I play it through. Now, I have purchased it off of Ebay so if it needs some professional setup done, please let me know. I had read many reviews on it but haven't heard of anyone else having this issue. It just seems to be extremely sharp on the three thin strings. Thank you for any help.
I'm not sure if this will work, and I'm not being sarcastic, but try turning down the tone knob.
what do you mean by sharp?? the strings are sharp, then tune them down...
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Haha...no sorry, not my tuning is sharp. But when I play my friends Epiphone Les Paul it is just a nice, creamy clean sound and then I will plug in and play mine and it is just high-pitched and annoying when I play it. Now, for awhile I thought it was my amp, which is a Peavey Rage 158 15 watter...but I plugged in and played on my friends, which is a Behringer V-Tone 212 and it still sounded poopy. I've tried adding more bass and less distortion for the eq, but nothing seems to work.
I always do a setup when I get a guitar. Chances are that will do it. Tell the tech about the sharpness. It'll play better than it did brand new.
lower the treble side of ur pickups. it may be that the side of the pickup closer to the high E string needs to be lower. get it setup first, but u might need to replace pickups. but definately get it setup right before u do anything to it.
Okay, thanks everyone. Should I just take it to a Haggerty's in Rapid City and ask them to do it?
your pickup height will do that and also there inf ibanez pickups most likely and those are really a hit and miss pickup or your worst case your guitar got guttered and everythign taken out and then crap everyhting put back into it which happens to lots of people on ebay surpriseinly thats why i never buy gutiars off there
Well, I believe the pickups are AH1 and AH2 pickups. But I've always thought they sucked.
ohh ok because i remeber watching some couple getting married on tv and there was a guy playing the exact guitar and the guy who was getting married was in a black metal band like i mean pig squels and stuff and the guitarist sounded soo badd with that guitar i was like wtf im not getting a iceman after hearing that so your not alone......i know the stroy is random but it makes sense and its true and its the closest thing that i think i know what your talking about