Anyone have any tips on making metal songs, riffs, or solos. I have trouble thinking of them but i did make one ok song.
i personally like it when i drop to like d and play the lowest powerchords (D,D#,E)
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man, play some chords that sound heavy. normaly low chords like , and you can also make riffs out of scale runs like Jump in the Fire by Metallica, or Cowboys from Hell by Pantera

also slow chords thet make a heavy combination like Iron Man by Black Sabbath or Crazy Train by Ozzy

you can also do alead part and turn it into a riff like The Trooper by Iron Maiden or make a bass riff and put a lead part that leads to a guitar riff like Peace sells by Magadeth

you can also play a muted string and some slided chords like Battery by Metallica or a muted string and some notes like Seek and Destroy by Metallica.

maybe you can use the muted string technique above but with someting played to give more character to the song like Mouth For War by Pantera

another oxample would be playing a chord repeatedly and adding a phrase in the end like 1:34 of Cemetery Gates by Pantera

well those are my main ideas for riffs, but or solos, i just improvise somethin that goes along with the song

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Use the techniques mentioned above. For a dark sound, use the to minor modes, or phrygian dominant. Or maybe some chromatics...
....and concentrate on the b2 and b5 intervals, they sound evil.
I think really tight riffs higher up on the neck sound heavy too, look at Iced Earth for examples.
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Trying using the harmonic minor scale, and its modes, like the phyrgian dominant.
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My only advice is to stay far FAR from away Pentatonics and Major scales

Not really. Pentatonic bits are very key in thrash and groove metal. (though we all know those aren't anywhere near kvlt enough )