I need a distortion pedal for now, a good one too Not tooo expensive, like the most id spend is about like $200.

Somebody told me that the Fulltone Fulldrive 2 pedal is REALLY good, which is $180 new. and then he said that the Fulltone GT500 is like the same thing but better, but thats like $225 new.

Alsooo, the tone i really want is like slash's tone, so not something too metally and stuff. If you guys can help, please do thanks
daang, i know people are gona hate me for this but I use it through a Line 6 floor pod, its like a black one with a wah pedal, 3 buttons, etc, silver knobs.

and so i use that pedal's distortion which has mutliple ones, but i use a certain type of distortion (I forgot what model amp it was) but then it doesnt give me enough distortion because i turn my Spider II amp (yea i know) up to almost half way and the distortion lowered.

So i was hoping to get a pedal to go with this junk.
Overdrive pedals are meant for use with tube amps. I don't think a fulldrive would do much for your sound. If you want a distortion pedal, maybe you should look into some kind of EHX Muff.
boss has a couple of them, check them out, and go to your local store and check these ones out,

boss ds-1, ds-2, mt-1
metal muff
the zakk wylde distortion pedal
and also you can check out the boss multi distortion or sth, it has like all the boss distortions or sth,no sure though, any1 know about it?
try looking for the sansamp gt-2. you will never look for a new pedal.

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Everyone must own a DS-1 at some point in their playing career.


if i were you, i'd keep the money and save up for a better amp.
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