Okay guys im looking for a new acoustic guitar, but have no idea what to get. i need some ideas. i wont a steel string. i play a lot of fingerstyle stuff, like any mckee, erik mongain, sam beam. i really like lowden guitars, but my price range is $1000. oh i love the classical style body, but like i said i wont a steel string. i do not wont an ovation, that is out of the question!

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buy a yamaha $100-$200 guitar i have one it works excellent
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buy a yamaha $100-$200 guitar i have one it works excellent

No...they don't. You pretty much get what you pay for, and if you pay 100 bucks for a guitar, it sounds like it. If you've ever played a high end acoustic, you can definately tell where your money's going.
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