does anybody have an EMG DG-20 pro custom setup in their strat? thats the david gilmour one

if you do i dont know if i should get one i have an '07 american standard strat and i wanted a heavier tone and i was looking at this set....feedback?
I haven't tried it, but I don't really understand how David Gilmour's pickups will give a heavier tone.
Gilmours sound isnt exactly heavy.....take ur pickguard off and see how its routed. Some top-routed guitars that are SSS arent always routed SSS. Some are HsH or HSS. If its an HSS, switch out ur pickguard for a HSS one and install a Humbucker.
EMG SAs are not really heavy per se. They have hi-fi treble clarity, great cleans, and they chime. Roll up the gain, and you have more drive than a passive single would give you, but still, the keyword is clarity. For heavy tones, I'd look elsewhere.
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