alright well i live in ohio but right now im in my uncles house in like redding california, but it pissed me off, we were waiting in airport terminal from 2 am till 6 am cause my parents left like uber early, and then the worst part of the whole thing is they told me i couldnt take my guitar cause we were gettin a small car and that it wouldnt fit, but it turns out my uncle met us at airport with a truck and we rented a minivan. im really considering going to walmart and checking on those kiddy acoustic guitars i see occasionaly in there, they are only like 7 or 9 frets, but its better than nothing, not to mention if i did take my guitar woulda had to be squire because tuner ****ed up on my gibson lp like 2 days b4 vacation. but there is a comp so i can still visit ug, so i shall not go on a killing spree i suppose lol
God forbid you don't play guitar for a few days.
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Face it, t3h MG mini-stack pwns your face.
its really not that bad, i brought my guitar with me to puerto rico and it was nothing but a hassle, except for the fact that it saved me from boredom because it rained almost every day

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God forbid you don't play guitar for a few days.

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