most of you who bother to look at this will have a love for one or the other, i have about £600 ($1200) to spend, i love both equaly and dont know what to go for, so i leave it to you to argue and convince me
the pic theif strikes again

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I them both very much. I'd have to have both.
Personally I love jags, but both are great guitars. The only ones I personally dont care for are the ones with the humbuckers (i know the 72 model tele has them, but I forget the Jag that does.)

If you want to spend all of the money you have on one I would suggest a vintage style jag. (or jazzmaster, but I think they're a bit more.)

If you want to have some cash left over then go for a nice tele.

Either way, you're coming out with a nice guitar.
i think that they r both good guitars, but if u like humbuckers then go for the jag.
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cuz fender is awxome its true
Telecaster will give you the warmth of a Jag but can still do the harsh tones that the Jag just can't handle.

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I picked Tele over Jag, but I plan on buying a Jag at some point.
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