I've got a metallica book I bought at guitar center, and I'm strongly motivated to stop my current practices just to learn the unforgiven then go back. This is one of my favorite tunes of all time, I am just wondering if it's to hard for an amature learn? or just perfect or what?
Its not a hard song. The solo is easy also. I'm sure you could learn it. Do waht you want with guitar. You dont need to follow a practice plan religiously.
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Well i got better by playing harder songs. Practice would be like learning Sweeping, picking, and whatnot. If you don't know how to imply what you've learned, learn a bunch of songs. Since you like Metallica, learning their songs could open your mind. Goodluck, and the song is not hard. have fun!
i think you mean apply what you've learned.
I personally dont think anything by metallica is worth learning but if you like them go for it.
The unforgiven is fairly easy, the only part i really like is the solo, sounds nice and is easy to play.
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