A little hip hop experiment. Only the first verse. The music is completely different than what I'd use were I to finish this song, and the whole arrangement was very rushed. Oh well, let me know what you think about my flow and my vocal timbre.

Here are the lyrics:

In the east end side of a mass divide, World
War II in a mass culture collide.
Across the sea from a nation weak, was a
Small but deadly powerful streak, of a
Land we know as the place of Japan, and
In this war was a powerful plan, and
Thus was made, in the militant raid, a
Unit came of three digits to blame, and
Six six six, the number of which, was
Put to shame in the game of kitsch, I
Present to you, a forgotten tale, of a
Scientific endeavor of hell.

It's in my profile. Crit for crit.
That was actually pretty cool. I don't know much about Hip Hop but I liked it.
"There are millions of people in the world, and none of those people are an extra. They're all leads in their own stories."