I've got your typical H-H setup and am looking for pickups that have a little personality to them. I'm in a jam band, so these pickups need to be able to go from light and jazzy to hard and heavy, and everything inbetween. Price isn't much of an option, this guitar will be with me for a long long time so I'm willing to shell out more cash if I need to to have the best pickups. Also, if I find a pickup without a chrome cover on it, can I just buy and put my own cover on the pickups? Thanks for any info guys.
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what amp???? if anything from what ive learned and what people have told me pickups dont mean very much unless you got a sweet amp and a sweet amp can make anyhting sound good even my squier double fat strat
Although amp is defnitely important, I'll let the other handle that. If your looking for REALLY heavy(death metal heavy) and still want to have good cleans, you best bet would be bare knuckle pickups. You can email Tim(the guy who will actually be making your pickups) and have him recommend you a set. I just finished getting a set of bare knuckle warpigs in my guitar and they are the ****. THe bridge is heavy as hell, and when i coil split the neck pickup, i get the sweet cleans of a strat. Best of both worlds IMO. Just shoot him and an email and he should be able to help you out.
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Just shoot him and an email and he should be able to help you out.

Don't you need him alive? And how do you shoot an email? /sarcasm

A quick question...are you going to stay with metal, or do you plan on being progressive/versatile at times? If you are dedicated, then get an Invader, Dimebucker, Distortion, Full Shred, Livewire, (Duncan) X2N, D-Activator, Evolution, D-Sonic, (Dimarzio) Dirty Fingers (Gibson), 81, or 85 (EMG). The EMG's are all covered to begin with...though with a durable black plastic top...it's arguably better than chrome. Keep in mind the actives do require a pot change, and you should be careful that you only plug in your guitar when you want to ROCK!
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