Alright you guys I need some help for this assigment im doing for english, I have to write about 2 types of descriptions of a scene from an outdoor or indoor place (positive and negative). The scene I decided to choose is the guitar section of sam ash. And I was wondering what are some of your descriptions when youre in the gutiar area of sam ash? positive or negative
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For positive, you have the options of trying out lots of expensive guitars that you could never own in your life (but i know you man, you have money...nice laptop you got there) and plenty of amps.
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For negative, it's like the universe is taunting you with nice things you can't afford.

Yeh man, its like... there... but like, you cant get it. because, its like not there
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I need some music that makes you envision a dark room illuminated by only candles and perhaps a creepy middle aged man in a bathrobe.

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