Hi there, I'm looking for musicians that want to make something different than what we hear those days, something progressive and instead of being full of hate let's make it full of hope. Here's some favorites that inspire me for what I want to do:

Pink Floyd - Speak to me/Breathe
Bob marley - could you be loved
Jimi Hendrix - purple haze
Laid Black - sunshine reggae
America - Horse with no name
Bryan Adams - Fits ya good
The Who - Eminence front

Great ambiance, intelligent and clever yet accessible lyrics and friendship are the three facts I'd love to share with bandmates.

There's no need to run all over the place if you've never played in a band or if you don't have much experience, I have became serious about this about only 6 months ago, I have the basics of musical theory under my belt but most important fact of all I have creativity beyond reason, I just need tu fuel it up with existing ambiances. I have some lyrics written, and some song roughs. I play guitar, I have an electric and classical one, soon enough an acoustic too. I'd like to try any instrument given to me since my basical idea is to create nice musical arrangements.

If you can play of something or can sing decently I'd like to have a talk with you first, I have only some preferences -

Open-minded about music and beyond if possible
Between 12 and 20 years old (myself going 17 in some months)

Last but not least: composition and songwriting will be the primary goals, and if you speak french don't be shy about it !

Interested ? PM me and we'll arrange something.

Until then, keep on groovin' !
I love music, if music would be a girl then I'd date her, until then let's get back on Earth