hi guys, i was wondering what people think are smoe good fuzz pedals and other effects that our out there that will help give me something like a radiohead and muse tone! my rig is a ltd h-250, a randall g3 and a weeping demon. the amp has some nice built in effects but i was hoping u guys could help me get the real deal
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Ah, simple

If you want a good fuzz pedal (and even more specifically a MUSE tone) you need a Zvex Fuzz Factory.

It's basically THE best Fuzz Pedal I've played, and then some.

Hell, MUSE even uses it. It's used on quite a few of their songs, but most heavily on "Supermassive Blackhole" "New Born" and "Plug in Baby"
It gives you the EXACT tone

I'd reccommend getting a Vector series though. The original Fuzz Factories are hand-painted, so they cost $250, but a Vector uses the same EXACT parts, only its silk-screened, and has a power supply added in (it's hand made too) instead, and it's only around $175-200 on eBay brand new (you can't buy it from anywhere else but eBay or a guitar store listed on their site).

The possibilities on this are endless. It will take tweaking, and I'll admit I almost regretted buying it at first, but once you start playing it more, you won't want to play without it. It's also perfect for Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin stuff I figured out.

Just type Fuzz Factory in on Youtube so you can see what it does and how they use it, which by the way, this gets the WEIRDEST tones out there. Do make sure you want it though, it IS a $200ish pedal.
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what he said.
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i agree. but you can make a simple fuzz face clone for bout $40ish. just another option to throw out there.
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The Fuzz Factory isn[t what I would use for vintage fuzz sounds. It's kinda on the more extreme and crazy side of things. Look into the BBE Free Fuzz, the Fulltone '69 (look on eBay, since they don't make them anymore), the Fulltone '70, or the Roger Mayer line of fuzzes. There's also the Crucible fuzzes, but I've never used 'em.