So i went to my local guitarcenter to get my squier strat re-stringed
and when i got home i sat down with my guitar and tuner and tried tuning it
but 4 some reason my guitar cant be tuned,,

i need help
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learn to put strings on your guitar... saves you form problems like that
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So i went to my local guitarcenter to get my squier strat re-stringed
and when i got home i sat down with my guitar and tuner and tried tuning it
but 4 some reason my guitar can be tuned,,

i need help

I assume you mean "can't" but that still leads me to more

What do you mean it can't be tuned?
change the batteries....
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wow dude maby you should learn to string youre guitar yourself its not hard and def. not somthing you should be paying someone to do for you as far as tuning for standard tuning from fatest to smallest is EADGBE ... if you dont lern how to string the guitar which is by far the easyest thing to do with a guitar how do you expect to lear how to actually play the thing?
well, that's what you get for not knowing how to change strings... seriously, what do you mean by can't be tuned, though?
for example when i try to tune the b string on my tuner
the e or the d light up i cant get it to sound like the b string.
you probably have to change the mode of the tunner.
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1. put your own strings on
2. tune by ear if youre only doin standard.. its really not that hard
Well, you either haven't tuned up enough, or you tuned up too much. My suggestion is to tune down really low, so that you don't snap a string and have to go back to Guitar Center to get your strings changed. If I were you, I would use this as a learning experience to learn how to change strings, rather than let a Guitar Center employee do it. They have stuff to sell anyways.
Get yourself a pitch pipe. That way if all the strings get out of tune at once you can get them back in the ballpark again and then use the tuner to finish. I usually have another guitar around to reference, but I use a harmonica.
i figured it out i tuned really low and then tuned up.. it sounds ok on open strings
but now the E,A,D strings they buzz when i play the most of the frets ...

my friend said my neck might be warped or sumthing like that..???

i need help again..
try checking the nut also, and since you dont know how 2 tune your guitar i assume you dont know what the nut is, it is the piece by the neck that the strings go through to connect to the tuning knobs. very simple thing. if the nut spaces are spread open then the strings will vibrate and go bak out of tune instantly...hope i could help you...and i remember what its like being a beginner and i know its not easy doin that kind of stuff at first, but just try, its like workin on a car, saves money and makes you smarter
If raising the action (bridge) doesn't help you may need a truss-rod (neck) adjustment. If you can afford $20-30 you really should take it to a tech and get a set-up. Its going to drive you nuts until you do and it will play so much better. You can learn to do these things on your own later, but the truss-rod and intonation is a little tricky. Not likely but you can break the truss rod if you don't know what you are doing. Good luck.
how do i raise the bridge???

my friend told me i should try to adjust the truss rod

but im not sure thats working and im scared i might brake sumthing?
Don't try to adjust the truss rod, it's easy to break. Take it to a competent tech, get a setup. Ask around among some of the local players, most should know who does good work, take it to the tech most often recommended. It sounds like you just need a good setup, which is not that expensive and will make the guitar play better. If possible, get the tech to let you watch so if you have to do it again, and you will, then you'll know how. And again, don't let anyone talk you into adjusting the truss rod, it really is easy to break. I've broken a couple even being careful.

And I agree with some of the comments above, although some of them were a bit rude, learn to change your own strings, it's not difficult and if you change them one at a time you'll have the already mostly tuned guitar to get a decent starting tuning. It won't be perfect until you stretch the strings and put it on a tuner, each change in string tension changes the tuning across the board, but not enough to prevent using the remaining strings to get a ballpark tuning until the string change is finished and you can plug into a tuner.
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