For Christmas I was planning on getting a whammy pedal...but I heard that there is a multi-effect pedal that has all the functions on the whammy (harmony, pitch bender, dive bomb, ect) and a bunch of other effects...can someone fill me in and tell me what pedal I'm looking for?
the Digitech EX7 does whammy along with other FX but the whammy section is very limited compared to all the functions the original Whammy 4 can do...
but im very happy owning the EX7...great sounding pedal

look up the EX7 manual to find out what the EX7 whammy can actually do.
it doesnt do dive bombs but will do harmony, detune, and a few others
I'm more into having a bunch of pedals instead of a workstation, but if that's what you want you can get a BOSS of some sort.
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get the digitech whammy, its awesome man
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i have an rp80 and the expression pedal (which does volume, turns off delay, does octaves up and down) broke. you can get better ones, but the original whammy pedal is awesome.
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get one of the newer rp models. i have the rp 350, and it's great. the presets are horrible, but if you aren't lazy and wanna create your own with some tweaking, you can get a good tone out of it. it's great if you don't have an amazing amp, and the expression pedal does like all the whammy stuff, octaves, any amount of steps up or down, divebombs, etc. probably don't want to spend all the money on the 350, but there's two others that are cheaper. the only downside is that it doesn't like sustain on its own. like if you hold a note, even with a bunch of compression and gain and volume, it eventually will just kinda drop out; the gain and compression make it hold longer, but it doesn't go forever like the real thing.