Both on my profile! I think my friend has posted the rock one on here before for me. But oh well... I just put guitar over top for the rock version.

But the acoustic one, i used my acoustic, keyboard and I did the vocals (They're not very good )

Acoustic version was pretty good, some of the vocals(especially the higher pitched bit at the start) were very good. Instrumentally it was spot on, good, considered guitar. Also, thank you for dropping the "ella ella ella" from the chorus, huge improvement.
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You know you're a guitar player when you tell your father what note he's yelling at you in and then improvise over the top.
I liked them both.

The acoustic one was really nicely produced, tasteful use of the instruments. I think you were a bit harsh on your vocals, I think they're good!Not sure about the backing 'oooohs' in the chorus, sounds like you might be straining a bit for those notes?And when you go into a higher octave in the second verse it sounds a little bit uncomfortable to me. Very nice job though.

As for the electric version, not bad!I think the guitar should have been a little quieter, it was kinda overpowering. Cool tone though, and sweet pinch harmonics.

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