Ok. This is my question. If i went out and got a GUITAR distor pedal for my BASS would it work.
Yeah, but chances are it wouldn't sound good. There are some exceptions though. I believe the Big Muff and the Metal Muff are both supposed to sound good on bass, but there are also plenty of good bass distortion pedals. However, DO NOT get the boss bass distortion. I don't play a lot of bass but ive played with enough bassists and bass gear to know some stuff.
A guitar distortion pedal on a bass would sound really really gainy, but it would work if that's what you're going for. You can get a nice Digitech pedal for your bass for a pretty low price anyways though. If you're really desperate, you could buy a cheap "FAB" pedal.
I really suggest you try the distortion pedals before you buy them. But a guitar distortion pedal might work well.
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