Ok so: lol I wanna make this as short as possible. My good friend bought a Korg D3200 32-Track Digital Recording Studio . It's pretty cool.
Well, my friend and I both own Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amps (lol ok we're rich jk). So when I go to record my guitar, I mic'ed up the amp with a Shure SM57. so it looked like this pretty much:

Guitar->Boss DS-1->DOD EQ pedal->Fender Hot Rod->Shure SM57->Korg Studio.

When I recorded the distortion through the DS-1, it had too much gain and it was muddy and static-y. So...
I put it through the mixer (Yamaha EMX312SC 8-Channel Powered Mixer):

Guitar->effects->Fender Hot Rod->SM57->Mixer->Korg Studio

I tried to work with it, I kind of sorta got rid of the mud over the distortion, but it was too quiet compared to the drums (which sounded PERFECT, along with bass and vocals).

HELP. How do I get the guitar to sound clear without any static mud? BTW the cleans sound perfect
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Heres a shocking idea, turn your gain down. Especially since its an Sm57.
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Heres a shocking idea, turn your gain down. Especially since its an Sm57.

Due to your "shocking idea" I turned down my gain and it didn't have the same kind of distortion and crunch I wanted.
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Try Different mic positions to the speaker, eg in the center or at the edge.

try angles too, that affects the tone greatly...

sm57 rocks
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Gain that sounds good live sounds exagerated when recording. As someone else said turn the gain down a little. Bring up the upper mids. Hope this helps.