Ok so I have this Fender Cyclone...well the pickguard has turned from a nice white pearl a sort of cream color which has a vintage look but i would prefer the clean white new one so I have finally found a place that has them thing is they have the Squier version and the Fender version. The Squier version is only $20 while the Fender is $55 probably because they are no longer made and Squiers are but does the only difference i can tell from the pics is that the Fender has 2 screw holes on one side of the humbucke while the Squier has 1. Well with the Fender pups i would need 2 but I was planning on upgrading to SDs and I need to know three things
1.Is there any other differences between those 2 pickguards?
2.Will the Squier fit on my Cyclone?
3.Do Seymour Duncan pickups need the 1 hole on 1 side and 2 holes on the other at the humbucker like the Fender pickups do?