I need some effect pedals for my guitar
I don't know what to get and what is good

I have heard great things about the boss eq and noise suppressor
I like the sound of the blues one

I have a problem though
I want good sound to play live maybe at a talent show for school or at a small gig

I have a Crate FXT65 it is not super loud but I am pretty sure if I mic it that it will be good enough. I have never used pedals other than the one that comes with the amp to change between channels and the built in effects. There are two inputs in the back of the amp for the footswitch
there is an insert on the front for like a cd thing??? I don't really know..
there is also a speaker out on the front- apparently it can plug into a cab and be used like a head or something

then there is the input for the guitar

I don't know how to set up the pedals: if they go from the guitar to the amp or insert in another input like other amps have in the back

when I use distortion I get a buzz so I will most likely get the EQ and NS pedals
I don't know if they are the best option for what they do. Is there anything better?

I want a good tube sound: the amp is already supposed to sound like a tube amp but I have never used a tube amp with the volume loud enough to hear a good difference.
That is why I came accross the blues pedal

I also want distortion like ozzy's guitarist from years past like Rhoads Lee and Wylde
I don't know if there is a good pedal or what??

also is there a multi effect that is good????
I haven't used a good one just a cheap one a few years ago on my friends guitar.
Okay to start off, to put the effects you put Amp>lead>any effects pedals you have>lead>guitar. Through the imput hole.

Avoid multi-effects if possible. Get a distortion pedal to start of with. And build on that with the EQ & noise suppressor, if that's what you want. And maybe go for a delay or flanger.

Your amp IS big enough for a talent show at school/small gig.
Quote by kai29
I also want distortion like ozzy's guitarist from years past like Rhoads Lee and Wylde.

Well, I'd say they all have very different tones...
And none completely imitable on your amp (which isn't too good, really...)

I'd focus on technique, first, and save your money. Play like them first, that'll get you more respect than tone will, to most audiences. Then use the money you've saved away for a nice amp.
I've been playing for 5 years and I just don't have the money for a new amp right now
I know my amp isn't good
I got it a few years back so I could have something I wouldn't have to worry about getting damaged carrying it back a forth to band practice and that was loud enough to hear clearly over drums and other guitar.

I would love a tube amp but at the moment I have 60 bucks
My birthday and christmas is coming up in the next few months
I should be able to afford about 3 pedals between here and there.

I can play like lee decently and rhoads is a little harder but I can get the solos that I want down for mr crawley and crazy train I just need to clean them up a little I never liked wylde but he had good distortion sound and tone just like lee and rhoads

I was once told that rhoads just used the distortion from a plexi or somthing like that
God knows I cant afford or even find a vintage plexi

I don't necessarily want to play them I want my distorion to sound like them close as I can get with the amp I have.
I won't be able to get an amp until next year maybe in may if I get a job.
So I am looking to improve what I already own with pedals