Alright, I got this Lp copy I've been working on for about half a year. I already ruined the sunburst paintjob by painting another one on. It doesn't look so good now, something about painting just doesn't work with me.
Now what it needs is tuners, bridge, and stop piece. I'm getting that stuff from Guitar fetish.
Now I also need new pots/ switch. Which websites sell pots for the best price? I also heard that Les Pauls need a different kind of pot, a longshaft pot or something, is this true?
Also, how do you run the ground wire to the bridge?
most les paul copies use long shafts pots. For running a ground wire to the bridge, my les paul knock off has a tiny hole in the control cavity. I can put the ground wire in there and it comes out of the hole for the stud that holds the tailpiece.
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I mean, I know about the hole that goes to the stud, but when I put the stud in there, it just rips the wire apart because there's no extra space for it.

By the way, I think I'm gonna repaint it again, not sure what color though. I'm gonna try and do it right this time.