Hey everyone. I finished recording a song today and I just thought I'd see what everyone though. It's nothing hard, mainly simple stuff, but you might like it. Go to www.myspace.com/grantmcconnaughey and listen to "Crank to 11 for Maximum Enjoyment". Let me know what you think. Thanks.
pretty good. but not good enough to just be an instrumental...aka needs some good vocals to fill it out. but yea some cool riffs and you got a pretty good recording it seems.
Woah! Some very nice stuff you have there. Very professional, catchy melody backed up by a killer orchestration. From a musical standpoint I love it.

Just some notes - your drums sound very "midi"ish. They sound like the drums in Guitar Pro (which is not a desired sound in the minds of most) - see if you can get some better samples. Your tone is somewhat fizzy - see if you can dial that out.

Also when you have the synths, drums, guitars and bass going all at once things start to get muddled because the ears simply cannot process that many individual sounds at once when many of their frequency spectrums overlap - so I suggest eq'ing and panning it so that each individual can shine.

And again - I haven't heard a piece I liked this much on this website in a long time - good job.
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i thought it was good, but in some places maybe drop the volume of the synths a bit

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