Ok so this is the deal, My dream guitar is a Gold top les paul standard. any year will do. this guitar runs for around $2200, but is there any chance i can get one for like <1500 (used ofc). thanks guys, jw.
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Will an Epiphone do?

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you can get a Gibson Deluxe (goldtop) for slightly more than $1,500 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Gibson-Les-Paul-Deluxe-Electric-Guitar?sku=517125
or the Epiphone Elitist LP (plays really nice and has gibson pickups) $1,000

Those are the exact models I was about to post lol
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Those are the exact models I was about to post lol

TS, i have a Deluxe in wine red, plays amazing. and the mini-humbuckers sound awesome