When I do E major arpeggio at 12th fret my pinky hurts when I do the 12-16 on low E. It's not like a muscle pain. I think it's because my pinky is too short to go to the low E without hitting the bottom of the neck. It's the bottom section of my pinky that hurts, coincidentally the part that hits the neck And I've been practicing just this for like 2 days. Any way I can solve this problem?
don't play it all on the low E, most people would play an E major arpeggio as follows, 12th fret on the E, 11th fret on the A and 14th fret on the A.
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maybe you are not used to use the pinky
or maybe you are using too much of power with it(sorry for the english)
i know it is a hammer on, but you can try to make it softer
is it possible you just need to play more on the pinky so it doesn't hurt? all of my fingers hurt when i first started playing and don't hurt at all anymore with the callouses built up.
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just live with the pain. at least you can use your pinky. my pinky is crooked, it hooks inward. so i end up being able to reach just as far with my ring finger, it really sux cuz im a blues player, so i cant play the usual stuff like F5 F6 F5 F6 kind of thing.