im looking for a nice guitar stand. not too expensive but functional. my friend had one that when you put the guitar in the top part slid down a little and some plastic bar type things came up and held it in place kinda. anyone know what im talking about or where i can find one?

edit: this is for an acoustic...i dont know if that really matters
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I think what you're talking about is a hercules stand, but they're more expensive then most. I bought some decent stands off of musician's friend not too long ago for four bucks each.
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Hercules stands. They cost more but they have those plastic bar thingys. Also, try to never get a double guitar stand. Your guitar will stand straight up and down.

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i dont want a double. im cheap (and lame) and only own one guitar anyway...
this is what your talking about, i'd recommend against them personally, just cause there so expensive and they take up too much space. i got one for my birthday a couple of weeks ago and ended up trading it in a couple of days later for one of these http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/ProLine-Guitar-Stand?sku=454310 so far it hasnt given me any problems