ok so i have a regular acoustic guitar without an output plug...but im starting to play more shows, and having to mic my guitar each time is getting kind of old
so...is there any way to install an output jack into an acoustic that doesnt already have one?

Theres pickups that go into the strap button hole on the body and your strap attaches directly to that. No new hole requred.
yeah, you can go to radioshack and get all the required parts for about $6.00...go and get a 1/4" output jack, and a pezio buzzer, then google contact mic instalation or something like that, I don't feel like explaining it. You won't have a tone or volume control, though I'm sure you could put one on if you knew how, I don't, but you should have all those controls on your amp anyways. And the quality is fine, pezio disks are the same things most companies use in their acoustic electrics, there is no diffence, trust me I do this to all my acoustic instruments, and it works wonderfuly.
I always get the spelling wrong...piezio? well here's a link to some instructions, I didn't read it, but it should say just about what you need to know about making a contact mic. http://www.harmony-central.com/Guitar/piezo-pickups.txt And just FYI, if you don't have a soldering iron, or don't know how to solder it's easy to just tape one together if you do a good job, I solder mine in any guitar, but I have cheap Maholo ukelele and I didn't feel like dealing with all the crap that goes along with soldering, so I just used either duckt tape, or electrical tape...or both, I had a contact mic in about ten seconds.
You should really look into K&K mini pickups. They give you the best sound without having to cut a preamp hole in the side of your guitar. They send you a step by step installation guide that is as easy as it comes.