I recently bought a Epiphone Les Paul Custom and I really don't ever play my squier any more.

After looking at Eric Clapton's Blackie and John Mayer's fenders, I say to myself;

"Wow, how did it end up looking like that?"

I've always taken amazing care of my guitars (1 1/2 years without a single nick or scratch)

But should I start taking less care of my squier a bit to individualize if from all the others in the world?

Since I've always enjoyed the worn-out look of vintage fenders.

Also, it wouldn't kill my sound in anyway would it?
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Clapton got his Start like that from endless play and road travel. If you're going to trash just for the sake of trashing it, it would be pointless.
like pre faded jeans. but hell, EVH started drilling into his. whatever's clever
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Cover, or take out the electronics. Take off the strings neck, anything that can rust, unless you like rust.

Leave the body out in the rain for a couple of hours, and play it a lot. Rory Gallagher or John Fruciante had something like that happen to their Strat and it got quite a nice beaten look. Of course, that story could be complete bull****, but do it anyway.
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i'd say just have it for 30 years.

yeah, my guitar is 22 right now and it has just started turning a bit yellow
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