hi guys there's probably already a thread on this that i have missed. if so can someone provide a link.

i am looking for a multieffects pedal for about $150AU or $110-20US never used a pedal before so i thought a multi effects would show me what types effects are out there. any responses would be appreciated. thanx
I'd say zoom g2.1u, slightly above your budget about 130$US I think.
I know you won't like to hear this, because i didn't. I asked about multi-effects and bought a korg ax3000g. Single effects REALLY are better. They sound better, there so much easier to use and a pedal board looks better than a cheap multi effects unit.
I'd say go with Zoom G2.1U too. I have one, and the USB-connection absolutely rocks. My computer makes Zoom the default driver (when it's plugged in and is on, of course), so you hear what you play in Winamp (or Guitar Pro) in the output of the Zoom (no effects in that), so you can play over any song you have on the computer.

Even if you're not looking to use it with a computer, I'd still say get it, tho.
Either get a top of the line multi-effects unit (Line 6 podXT live, Boss GT-8, etc.), or get single effects. A cheap multi-effects unit will sound, well, cheap.
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