good song. I wish i could right songs like that, but it seems the only type i CAN right is metal. The vocals kinda messed up the song though(as a guitar, lol)They would sound better as real vocals though so i just muted them.

Verse- catchy, one of my favorite parts.
Chorus- nice little rif, tad bit repetitive.
Guitar solo 1- nice! great solo, sounds just like it should.
Guitar solo 2- same as gs1

You no what the whole song is good! lol. I wish i could make songs like that(got any tips). and c4c?

Also How the HECK did u get that rse sound? I used the exact same settings(the default, lol, thats what u used it looks like)and it sounds like crap on a new song, but sounds perfect on ur song... how did u manage to do that???
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Dunno. The vocals are the only ones that aren't default. They are a tubescreamer with reverb but everything else is normal. And then i use a wah-wah during the second solo, but that's it. As for good songs, it's all in the riffs. If the song doesn't have a good riff, it's useless. But don't worry, for every good song I write, I write ten sh*t ones.

EDIT: I just remembered, James is Electric Guitar 2 not 1. Completely differnet sound. I thing one might be humbucker, one singlecoil (?).
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