Ok, I have a Randall RH300G3 head and a Randall R412JX cab and this thing sounds like ass. Horribly muddy sounding, whatever i do i cannot get this thing to sound good at all. The distortion channels are nowhere as heavy as what I had read and was told that they would be. I have no pedals in front of this rig at all. Just got the guitar running straight into it. I have read that some people have gotten bad ones of these amps and others have gotten good ones that sound great. Anybody have any ideas for me?
I have the 150 watt version, and my distorted channel went ****, the day were playing a gig, I had to use my zoom G2 thank god. It gives me a far better tone with more control over levels of both volumes and distortion. even the E.Q is better. You should invest in a pedal. I use that one in the clean channel and turn bass all the way down, have the mids at around 1 and the treble at 4. These are really muddy amps, but for me it was either this a Mg halfstack so I got the better option.