hey guys,

i need some idea's for getting my accuracy up. what can i practice that will help me hit notes better and more accuracy.

thanx guys
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Sounds like you taught yourself guitar.
Play the 1 2 3 4 (1 3 2 4, 1 2 3. 2 1 3, you get the point..) sequence up and down, then 2 3 4 5 up and down. Start slow, keep all your fingers on the fret before going down. Use a metronome to keep your pace (gradually go faster). What you do want to do is to make sure you don't make any dead notes when you speed pick.

So basically make sure whenever you're practicing anything that you start slow to avoid dead-notes..
yeh i already do that.. didn't think it was something good to do with your accuracy.. lol..

and yeh i'm pretty much all self taught
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cyclobs you are demented..... in a good way
Just practice EVERYTHING - there's actually probably nothing wrong with your accrucacy as such, it's just that you're trying to play too fast, too quickly. For anything you play, whether it's a song or an exercise, play it at the slowest speed necessary for you to be able to play it flawlessley. When you've managed that then you can speed up a little more...maybe 5 bpm or so, and keep doing that in incremental steps. If you start to screw up you're going to fast so knock the speed back down. You really need a metronome to do that kind of thing - if you don't have one there's online ones.

The 1-2-3-4 exercise isn't actually that useful as far as accuracy goes, it's a great warmup, but all it actually teaches you is how to play 1-2-3-4 accurately...which is kind of limited in it's usefulness
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Watch Paul Gilbert's video "Terrifying guitar trip". Your picking will never be the same.
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