Just a recording I thought I'd upload just as we've recently gotten broadband. Enjoy(Hopefully)

So many possibilities, so little ability.

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You know you're a guitar player when you tell your father what note he's yelling at you in and then improvise over the top.
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Impressive cover & vocals, Nice work.

The only crit is, it lacked the "eeeiryness" of Buckleys version, but im not sure why.
Nicely done

Guitar was spot on, very smooth. Vocals were good as well, you've got quite a powerful and distinctive voice.

My only suggestions to improve it would be mixing ones. I don't know what program you record with, but if you haven't already I would suggest getting something like Kristal. It lets you add effects, I would suggest a bit of reverb on both guitar and vocals, I do it on all my covers as it gives a more professional sound to the recording. Aside from that, the vocals were clipping a bit, I think they should be a little quieter. Just being picky really cos it was an excellent cover!