Need a new amp and am on a very tight budget, i like playing mainly metal, and want something that will be loud but also sound good (dont we all)

I am in Aus, and i went down to the music swap shop, for my budget i can get either:

Behringer GX212 100w (2x12's)

Crate TD50C Tube driver 50 watt 2X10" twin channel w/stereo chorus & reverb

Randall RG230GC 2x10" 2x30 watt combo w/Foot Switch

Or I could get a brand new Randall RG40R cos i can get them for cheap.

Which amp is best out of these? Unfortunately i am unable to consider any others due to budget and availability.

Thanks heaps, your recommedations will be greatly appreciated
I Own a Crate myself and they are great so i would buy one and you can play anything on it its great for metal.