Hey all,

Well, I have just recently (6 months) started playing guitar. I have an Ibanez GIO which I bought of a mate cheap but I'm looking into getting something else as the GIO is about to fall apart.

I went to my local guitar shop and they have a BC Rich custom shop warlock with a Flyod Rose and Seymour Duncan's for $700AU. Even I know this is a steal! But, my question for you all is; Do you think that it's to much to spend on a guitar if I have only been playing for such a short time? Do you think that I would be better of buying something cheaper to start out with?


Yeah, I think you should wait a bit longer. I would buy a Mexican strat or an Epiphone for now until you build some good technique, spending that much on a guitar this early into the game is something you might regret.

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it's not wise to spend so much in such a short time, in case you lose interest
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hey man, if your mates play, and you know you are having a good time. then screw what everyone else says and dive right in, get a tight setup. Just look into an extra amount and make sure that is the guitar you are going to want to be shredding on in a year or 2.

.... if you lose interest then sell it, **** happens, money comes and goes. buy it my friend.

Dime would say you should too
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First of all, how exactly is the Gio about to fall apart? I have that same guitar (albeit modified) and it's fairly sturdy for me. Unless you've actually broken wood are stripped screw holes you should be able to fix about anything with some basic tools.
Yeah, thats what I keep thinking. Also, I do enjoy 'playing' metal, so the Warlock would be in its element.

Blaster Bob:
I was walking to my mates place who lives just around the corner so I didn't see any real point in putting it in the case... The strap broke while I was walking on the road and it chipped the wood in several places and the bridge rattles. I've since patched it all up with putty and tried to tighten the bridge but it just won't tighten.

Everybody else:
I was originally going in their to look at Epiphone LP's which are some what cheaper when I saw the Warlock. I fell in love with it and then when I saw the price tag, and I thought it was too good to be true, which is now why I'm in this situation.

Thanks for the help guys.