Hey guys

I've been playing guitar for about 3-4 years now and have never bought a comprehensive guitar tuition book. The way I've approched learning guitar is to print out the tabs of a song I've wanted to learn and study that, stairway to heaven etc.

The problem now is that I feel like I'm stuck and need more challenging tuition, I don't goto lessons and have searched the book stores in my town for an imtermidiate to advanced guitar lesson book with scales and how to progress from where I am, but only found 'play guitar in 5 mins'

What I want to know is where I should go to advance my guitar skills, reccomended books and such.

Any tips would be greatly welcomed!
John Petrucci - Rock Discipline. Buy it, download it, watch it on youtube. Its full of great tips.
For those who care.
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I went to a local music store, not a guitar specific shop and bought the Hal Leonard guitar Method, I bought the complete edition contains books 1-3 with audio CD's, $22 US. It covers the basics of reading music through finger picking and alternate tunings. I find it to be quite useful if learning to read sheet music is what you want to do. Obviously it starts out very basic and can get boring so I still look up tabs and learn to play riffs from artists I like to maintain the fun of playing. I have been playing about 6 months myself.

I'd just search the internet for ways to improve certain techniques. Alternate picking, tapping etc.