You've got the right idea. Just keep practicing it. As far as I can tell, you are doing it right, you just need to keep working on getting it cleaned up.
Yeah man, you've got the right motions down, just work on cleaning it up a bit. Honestly, to anyone wondering what it takes to nail sweep picking, its just practice, and lots of it. Soon you're gonna wake up one day and sweep better than you ever have. Great job and keep working!
Go. Really. Slow. Play them over and over again and mind-numbingly slow speeds until the motions are totally natural, and then speed it up a bit. Same applies for any technique, really.
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Im learning sweep picking too, play it slow enough at first (REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT) then makes it faster, then repeat... etc.

its long and boring but its definitely worth it
Practice with a metronome for 30mins everyday, start slow each time you practice.. increase the metronome 5bmp at a time till you START to feel it becomming difficult.. now back down the metronome just a touch! and practice for 30mins! (sweep picking is waaaaaay overated).... in a month you'll have it down... then a month after that if your any good you will have forgotten about all that crap and only have to do it when some kid asks you "CAN YOU SWEEP PICK?!!!" or when ur just keeping your chops up lol
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im also wanting to learn how to sweep pick so i can play "bat country". but im not really sure how too.
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