Hi UG,

I'm looking for a speaker for my cab. I'm doubting between 1 or 2 speakers.
I don't really know wich speakers are good so i'm asking here.
I'm looking for a nice warm vintage sound. I know celestion has great speakers for this,
but i'm looking for a cheaper one. I was hoping for something around 50 euros/speaker.

thx in advance
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I am makin something similar and I will be using a Jensen C10Q, nice price, nice speaker, I hear.
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the Jensens i have im my behringer SS combo are good. great for cleans. if i could i would switch em out and put em in a better amp, but as of now, the behringer is my only amp. o well...
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Ok, ive been looking around at some 2nd hand speakers and i can buy a Celestion G12M-70
for 40 euros.
Is it good? any experiences?