ok guys im new to UG, so i'll make my first post short n simple,

it seems that im currently in a dilemma about which gear to buy,
i have four choices -

1. a new electric guitar (mid-range price, non tremolo, bt should luk gud n have decent tone)
2. a new electric-acoustic guitar (again mid-range, and should have an im-built eq and gud enough tone)
3. a BOSS loop station, the foot pedal one, forgot which one it was called
4. a new amp, just a 50 watt amp, which is a gr8 upgrade from my current pathetic 15 watt marshall

so im putting my tattered and battered trust in u UGers, so please help a fellow guitarist out!!!! well thanx in advance,

and ohh yeah, to those concerned, i play metal mostly, so if u could suggest ny amp or guitar models which r kick ass, den plzz feel free to suggest,,

peace out!!! foo!!!
New amp i'd say.

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You'll hear it from everyone, get a new amp first, You'll probably get a lot of people suggesting the vox valvetronix series (rightly so), or the roland cube series (also great). Get your amp before your guitar.
New amp.
The Laney LC or VC 15 would do you better off than a 50 watt solidstate.
Mine is heard down the street with the volume on 3 and the gain on 5. Oh yes.
amp, yeah, but no marshall mg. size doesnt matter (unless you gig, but i dont think you do) ,sound does matter

well im gona buy a roland cube 60, heard theyr good for begginer-intermediate metal/rock players, post what you have now
and ohh yaa i have a pod xt live, if that makes any difference in the amp selection, n mr. monkey dancer, could you please direct me to an english teacher who is either not hot or gay???
right now i have one of 'em marshall mg's n yaa they do suck hard, and yaa i do gig, but i usually use the PA system connected with my pod, but now im thinking of ditching dt ol' bitch and mic-king my amp
of course its up to you, and effects can generally be more "exciting", but a nice amp is perfect in the long run. get something with nice cleans then you can get a good distortion/ od pedal.
Amp. Preferably a tube combo and maybe some analog stomp boxes.
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How young would you consider no-pedo attempt
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and ohh yaa i have a pod xt live, if that makes any difference in the amp selection, n mr. monkey dancer, could you please direct me to an english teacher who is either not hot or gay???

Check out Atomic amps if you live the models on the xt live, they de digitise the sound alot and you can with some care get some very convincing sounds. still not perfect but a huge step up from any other option to amplify modelers.

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MD, hush up. Many people on UG don't speak English as a native language and therefore the standards are sometimes low. Even if it is his native tongue then there could be a host of reasons why the grammar and/or spelling were poor e.g. lack of education; learning disability, etc.

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Now, to answer the TS, I think a nice amp would be your best bet but it would be helpful to know both your price range and your preferred style of playing.
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I'm not sure I would have put it quite that way SB (and then again maybe so) but what you said about the English language is right on. English is a notoriously imprecise and difficult language for some first language speakers, and is a bitch to learn. American English is quite different from the Queen's English, or Australian English or Indian English. In addition some choose to speak in slang as a matter of culture. I.E. teh brootalz. If a poster doesn't understand a TS then its time to ask them to clarify, not flame them.
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