Should prison systems be more rehabilitory or punitive in nature? NEED HELP

Sorry for the long topic. But, i'm working on my senior exit and thats my topic. I need a few sources and to include first hand sources. So if anyone wants to help me out, and youve been to jail and realized the ****ty conditions can you either reply or pm me? any help really appreciated.
Most people that I saw in my 15 days in jail really had a good thing. They came from nothing, they had nothing. In jail they were provided with lodging, food and recreation. Pretty sweet deal to some. When someone like me goes in they say "wow this sucks" and probably avoid it. But to many, going "in" is just a part of life. Life as a criminal that is, since life as a criminal is seen as their only choice in a ****ty situation, the glamour of women and money and drugs and booze just makes those choices easier. With rehabilitative purposes in mind in prisons, inmates may learn how to make something of themselves, instead of just fighting and hustling on the inside so they can get out to fight and hustle on the outside.

This is just the insight I got out of being in. To some, its just a part of life, and whether or not they go back is inconsequential, cuz they don't know no better and they got no better.
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The "Penatentiary" system does not work for all "criminals". The system was named for William Penn and started in Pennsylvania. (Ya I can spell that). Some folks need rehabilitation some need a bullet to the brain case. Sorry I am not qualified to determine who is who but if you need a trigger man sign me up.
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Rehabilitory. When somebody spends 5 or 6 years in jail, they become used to it and a life of crime is all they know. If the prisoners are trained and prepared for everyday life, they can help society when they get out.
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it should be more experimental. as in genetic experiments in which they splice the DNA of prisoners with that of animals, creating a race of super genetic monsters with the cunning mind of a criminal.

that'd show the terrorists.