Poll: Counting down till October 1st?
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9 23%
30 77%
Voters: 39.
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I Cant Wait!!! :d :d :d :d Omfg Wow - I Love Led Zeppelin - Omfg!!!!!! Wow!!! :d
Nope, i didnt buy em, there were like £150 or sumthing stupid.
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thing is when will we know were int he ballot? they'll e-mail us, but i'm aty college all day, so if its announce at 9 o clock, i'm frigged, but hopefully they'll announce it @ 5 like they did with the announcement that they were re-uniting n ****
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I'm only counting down 'til the 1st because I won't be allowed to buy cigarettes legally after today.
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Man that's badass.

October 1st i am ****ting myself. I am going to be in tears either way,
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Yeah, I'd be in tears too if I was forced to listen to Robert Plant.


but seriously, i'm not excited. Never really was a big fan of Zeppelin
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